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Freelander KeyFob

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Im new to this forum so please be gentle :)

I brought a "R" reg Freelander last August and for some reason my keyfob has died on me :mad: I have "2" keyfobs and none of them currently work to open the car or disable the immobiliser.

I have to start my car with the Emergency Access code and my local LR dealer cant fit me in till next Friday! I have replaced the battery in the handset but the memory must have wiped???

Any ideas how I can DIY the keyfob to work (If there is a way) or how can I disable the immobiliser BUT be able to use the key to access / start the car?


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You are an absolute star!!! Just tried the proceedure with one of me keyfobs and "WAHEY" it worked :)

The other one isn't working so I'll get that one sorted via the main dealers so I have a standby fob :)


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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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