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Freelander KeyFob

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Im new to this forum so please be gentle :)

I brought a "R" reg Freelander last August and for some reason my keyfob has died on me :mad: I have "2" keyfobs and none of them currently work to open the car or disable the immobiliser.

I have to start my car with the Emergency Access code and my local LR dealer cant fit me in till next Friday! I have replaced the battery in the handset but the memory must have wiped???

Any ideas how I can DIY the keyfob to work (If there is a way) or how can I disable the immobiliser BUT be able to use the key to access / start the car?


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take it you guys don't have a handbook because it is covered there. The website that Disco is also very good.

Assuming your fob is serviceable, has a good battery and has been coded to the car the fob can still get out of sync with the alram in the car.

The handbook says

"To resynchonise the handse, operate either button of the handset at least five times in quick succession (in close proximity to the vehicle) or insert the key (with handset attached) into the starter and turn to position 'll'. The Handset is now ready for use."

If this doesn't work double check the fob battery and contacts. If this fails the fob is either broken ot the fob is not coded to the car - see a dealer
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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