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I really hope that someone might be able to help me as I'm starting to pull my hair out!

I have a Freelander i s-reg 1800 petrol and its been running great for about 9 months. Recently the engine has started cutting out and the mechanics cant see why.

The engine has usually been running for about 40 miles so is warm but my temp gage is normal, so not overheating. Then suddenly without warning the power dies and the engine just cuts out. When I pull over, the engine will turn over but not start again. 3 or 4 minutes later it will start again and go for another 4 or 5 miles before doing the same thing.

Its had new plugs, the distrubuter has been checked along with lots of fuses and connections for any damp.

Nothing is coming up on the garages computer and the mechanics have no idea. Please can someone help me or suggest what they think it might be??!!

many thanks
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