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I'm considering buying a used Freelander TD4 (2 or 3 years old) as it seems like the ideal vehicle to cart my wife, baby and labrador around the New Forest. However, being new to the 4x4 scene, I've got 2 major concerns about buying a Freelander over, say, a 3 Series Touring or Japanese SUV.

1. Reliability - Freelanders have a terrible reputation founded (apparently) by the poor record of the early versions. Do the later TD4's have many problems and will it cost me a fortune to run/service/maintain relative to a 'normal' car?

2. Safety - how does a Freelander compare to a car in things like crash tests and is it affected by the widespread publicity about 4x4's being unstable on the motorway?

Any views on these or any other TD4 related issues would be VERY much appreciated.


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Freelanders - the voice of reason

Spiderman(didn't know he was called dave)

I have owned two Freelanders - A '98 1.8xei petrol and a 2001 ES V6.

The Former suffered from a bit of the firts car off the line syndrome. lots of little (and not so little) issues, none of which actually put me off the road ever but were a little worrying at the time.

I had the following problems - all of which were dealt with promptly and graciously by Land Rover Australia.

Rear window motor
Rear door handle
Head Gasket changed
Tyres scrubbed unevenly
Heater fan replaced
Air con overhauled.

Now having had all these issues, why do you think I would consider buying another? Because the car is just so nice to drive, it is solid and safe, It looks great and it is NOT a Jap tin can(ubiquitous in Australia).

The V6 is a pearl of an engine in comparision to the 1.8 and although it's a lot thirstier, the extra power is needed. The Diesels you are looking at will resolve the economy issue for you. We didn't pick the diesel for 2 reasons.
a) The wife hates diesel fuel smell b)diesel fuel quality in Australia is awful and a number of manufacturers have halved their warranties for diesels here.
We did drive it though and found it responsive up to a point (about 4000 revs) when it ran out of steam.

I suggest you try and get a long test drive in the TD4 before you buy. If you are serious enough the dealer should be happy to lend you one so long as you give assurances re off road use etc.

hope this helps

Sydney Viking :drink1: :drive:

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1.8 diesel power

I have a freelander 1.8 diesel, and although diesel doesn't have the best of perfumes (carry a roll of paper under the seat to cover your hand at fill ups), I can't complain at all about its performance. I pull a large box trailer full of moter bikes and camping equip over the Great Dividing Range, here in Australia and never get out of 4th. My ex had a Gutlux 2ltr and I had to crawl over the same road in 2nd and 3rd. Its a beautiful car to drive and looks great, and I hate to tell you, but having had a few different 4x4s in the past, any 4x4 is more expensive to maintain than a car.

As for safety, I have no fears at driving 110-120 on freeway or country roads.

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All the freelanders have high levels of reliability. The exception is the 1.8 petrol (Shirl all diesels are 2 litre) which has major problems with overheating causing blown head gaskets and slipped cylinder liners. 98/99 modals also have drivetrain problems that result in Viscous Coupling and Intermediate Reduction Dive failure. Post 2000 V6 and and diesels have great reliability - they are one of the safer vehicles.

The pick of the cars are TD4 Diesels with auto transmissions. :clap:

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We have a Freelander td4 gs on an 02 plate, and we've only had two problems since we got it - an srs warning light problem, which required the main computer to be replaced, and the hydraulics in the clutch pedal went. Both solved, and now we're enjoying living with it!

The only thing i dislike is the dreadful road noise when travelling at 60mph +.
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