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based on my experiences with my D2 there are a number of things that could be happening. the first time i noticed coolant leaking, the hose that runs from the coolant expansion tank to the throttle body had broken and i was leaking just below the alternator. So it could be something as simple as that, or a leak somewhere else. On the other hand if you are experiencing sweet smelling and white smokey exhaust it could be a blown head gasket, cracked block, or slipped liner. Any of these would cause your coolant to leak out of the expansion tank overflow tank and your coolant lines would be hard and the pressure would remain even if you let the car sit over night. I would check for coolant leaks by starting and watching it. If you do not see any you could get a hydrocarbon test kit, i got mine from napa, and check the coolant for exhaust gases. if they are resent in your coolant it is a sign that it could be head gasket or cracked block. From what i have been told a slipped liner would not let in much exhaust gas so this is not a good indicator of that. Mine has no exhaust in the coolant but im still having the issue. I hope you this helps, im going through the same thing and if i discover whats going on i will let you know. good luck.
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