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OK guys I just looked under an 89 I'm looking to buy and when I look at the "Ball Joints" (where the shafts enter into the wheels - the big metal 1/2 balls).

The balls look clean - but there is a whole bunch off accumulated black crud around the ball joint and the stabilizer bar etc. I'm guessing this is just an accululation of dirt held in place with some grease - and the guy han't keep the underside clean -

Is this OK - Just a simple clean up and a regreaseing?

Carl Joahsnsson

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Yes, you can clean the swivel joints if you want, they will get dirty again. Make sure that you have a mechanic check and replace all your fluid to prevent something happening in the near future.
Thats the swivel joints, both diffs, the t/case, the transmission, brake fluid and power steering.
Mike J.
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