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Hey guys I've got my timing cover off to do a new cam, timing chain, ect, ect.

However the PO must have not greased this seal because this damn thing is completely seized to the timing cover. I tried and tried to get it off in one piece but it keeps tearing and now its in a thousand tiny pieces and I am having to pick them off little by little. I'm particularly worried about scaring up the metal around there but this seems to be my only (very time consuming) option. My question is this:

Do you know of any type of product that you can spray on a stuck rubber seal that will soften it or like "eat" it away?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi 6 speed
Maybe what you need is some basic knowledge. A.k.a ..a clue!
You write asking for advice or a "magic " chemical to do a simple repair.
Maybe no one replied because it is obvious that any half wit could solve it especially with the timing cover off
Have a great day

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The RAVE manual specifically says that the crank seal does NOT need any additional grease - adding grease could just lead to future leaks. So the PO likely installed the seal correctly.

Also, due to the nature of aluminum, I'd avoid any caustic gasket removers as they could etch the metal and cause your seal to fit poorly. Furthermore, the material that the seal is made of is highly resistant to chemicals and oils so I don't think any milder remover would be able to make it budge. You need to get it out mechanically.

Did you use the correct tool? It should look like this: Lisle 56750 Seal Puller: Automotive

I'm assuming that you've also removed the oil pump gears which would give you access to the back of the seal, allowing you to hammer it out that way. If you end up causing a nick on the mounting surface the seal WILL leak, so be careful.
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