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Front Drive Shaft

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Well started making vibration and strange noise, then home on wrecker this morning. it blew up in reverse in parking lot so no real damage to undercarriage.
followed this thread here and now running.
I need a new front drive shaft now and wonder the best place too look?
not really off road type needed but need to find a replacement. and also how long in this bypassed mode can i use it? i drive 30 miles to work each day on highway?
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Call Justin at Bought mine there for $228 delivered and have had no problem. My thread is called 99 DIsco ll growling or close to that and has good info about how to install. Is about 30 minute job. Could not figure out how to link the thread.
how long in this bypassed mode can i use it?
Pretty much as long as you need using advice in other post to go easy.

I purchased one from Lucky8 back 2 months ago. Runs great
Depending what the damage is and what tools you have you can rebuild the front props CV joints. These are probably what have failed. Fairly straightforward and cheap. The factory fitted version is the offroad type.
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