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Hi All,

I'd like to share my experience regarding the front parking lights not working on my 2011 LR2.

I changed the W5W (should be a W3W actually) burnt bulbs for CAN bus LED bulbs. However the front headlight assembly can get really hot during summer time and sure enough they burnt after 2 months (one bulb almost melted...)

The issue is that the parking lights were not working anymore with new light bulbs or LEDs. The OBD2 diagnostic tool was showing an error however reseting it wasn't fixing the problem.

I had to disconnect the power cable (located on the right hand side) on the Passager side junction box to resolve the issue. I disconnected the main power cable for a few seconds and it seems the Junction box was reseted. Now the front parking lights are working fine.

Bottom line: use low heat CAN bus LEDs and disconnect the Junction Box to reset it if needed. As this is also controlling the rear parking/position lights, this may work for them as well (not tested).

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