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I recently had both shafts off and serviced because I couldn't get any grease through the U-joints. Today I inspected the work and was pretty happy with the way everything looked.

However, there's a funky looking gap in the front prop shaft, so I broke out my Haynes manual. There, I found the following note: "Ensure that the propeller shaft is refitted with the sliding joint towards the transfer gearbox." Now, as you can see from the photo, the sliding joint is toward the front differential.

Thus, I want to see if anyone here can help me out with some questions:

1. Is the gap in the prop shaft ok? Is it an easy fix?
2. How important is flipping the shaft to the correct direction? Or have I misinterpreted the manual?

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not sure about it all, but as far as the shaft being turned one way or another, it would seem as though you would want it corrected because water might tend to pool in the bottom of the shaft if its upsidedown like that. Then again, I dont really know what im talking about. :D Just seems it is logical.
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