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Have a 2004 Discovery and the front windshield washer is weak, that is, the jets produce a weak flow when the washer lever is pulled back. Since it is a new vehicle, I have had it back for a look by the dealer. So far, I have had the washer motor and the two (2) hood jets replaced. The fluid reservoir is full.

On some days, it will take a sustained pull of several seconds to produce any stream at all, and then it is barely enough to clear the hood and strike the windshield glass. Other days, the stream is fairly robust, but nothing like it should be, in my opinion. We had a loaner Discovery the other day when ours was in for service and the washer jets on it would just about etch the glass they were so strong.

My dealer mentioned the washer system has a backflow preventer valve that keeps the fluid in the lines so the washer motor doesn't have to pump it all the way from the fluid reservoir, but I'm not sure it was checked the last go around.

This is my first post. Sure would like to hear if anyone else has had this problem and what, if any, cure was found.


Greg Lees

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Sounds right....

1955diesel said:
Sounds like there might be something floating around in the reservoir if it is better some days than others.
Hi there from Adam :wave:

Empty the reservior and get the dead jellyfish out of the jug.

Get back to us about how it works.

BTW, has anyone tried the inline heater that installs inline and heats the fluid to melt ice buildup? :drive:
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