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Hi all

99 TD5 auto

Well, my car has let me down again. It just frustrates the heck out of me that I can never seem o go on a good long trip without some serious fault.

Ive just come back from holidays and am feeling very dark with my bus. to the point of wanting to sell it, I've had enough!!!

I went to the south east of West Australia, to some very remote places where there were no roads, just rough corragates potholed tracks. You had to carry all you own fuel and water. The scenery was just fantastic and the fishing was great, but the car was crap.

My SLS decided to crap its self. its not an air bag fault because both sides let the selves down, but not all the time. Sometimes they were fine and stayed up but mostly they deflated.

When you drove the car the bags generally pumped up to the right height, but when you stopped they would deflate. Sometimes they would deflate whilst you were driving, which was a real mongrel whilst trying to pull a camper trailer over rough ground.

When you stopped the car they would also sometime stay up until you open/closed a door or loaded something in the car and then they would deflate.

Any ideas any one?

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There is a recalibration that can be done that will usually take care of your SLS problems. If while doing it it will also show if there are any faults . The problem is it takes a dealer and their test book to do the work.
Good luck,
Mike J.
99 D2,SLS
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