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Hi all, I have decided to sell my 1995 Range Rover Classic LWB (green with tan interior). Purchased in the summer of 2011, I have had this truck for over 4 years and have absolutely loved every minute of ownership. Given I live full time in NYC, the truck is not used that often and is taking up precious parking space so it has to go.

The truck has been babied since the day I purchased it, and I had maintenance and basic modifications made to the truck to make it more functional and more reliable. I even kept a list of every part and labor bill, parts are over $7k and labor over $19k (both maintenance and modifications). It has never let me down and is truly dependable. To the best of my knowledge, all electrics work great (radio, windows, sunroof, door locks, heater, lights, mirrors, etc). AC blows cold in the summer and has never needed an overhaul.

To give you an idea of maintenance performed, these were the major items replaced during my ownership:
- New alternator
- New tires
- Brake rotors & pads
- Replaced all wheel bearings & front swivel ball seals (plus front ABS sensors)
- New front brake calipers
- New full exhaust system
- Ignition switch
- New headliner
- Heater core
- Radiator
- Rear axle housing (more on that below)

This does not even get into items such as fluids (diffs, transfer case, transmission), filters (air, oil, PCV/valve cover, fuel, transmission), hoses, gaskets (exhaust, differentials, transmission), spark plugs, oxygen sensors, trailing arm bushings, etc., which were also changed during my ownership.

As for modifications, here are the big ones:
- Old Man Emu springs and new Bilstein shocks
- LT230 conversion (28D model from 1997 manual transmission Discovery)
- Genuine Great Divide Expedition aluminum front bumper with Hella 500 fog lamps
- Terrafirma heavy duty steering linkage / Rovertym steering stabilizer relocation kit
- Terrafirma front and rear spring retaining plates, with front Discovery II spring isolators
- New rear 4 bolt driveshaft to eliminate Rotoflex coupling
- Atlantic British stainless steel braided brake lines
- Roverville auxiliary in radio jack
- Magnecore 8mm ignition wires and Bosch fuel injectors (0 280 155 746)
- Rebuilt rear differential with Detroit TrueTrac (from Lucky8 LLC)

Although some work was performed myself, I have parts receipts and labor receipts for the big jobs (axle housing, heater core, etc) which will be passed on to the new owner. Original owner's manual is also included with the truck. All major labor items were completed at local Rover specialists. Also included is a dealer service record from the previous owner, showing that the original transfer case was tight and caused the rear differential to blow up and need replacing. When I bought the truck, I noticed the tight transfer case as well which is why I quickly replaced the transfer case with a LT230 to eliminate the problem for good (note I used a manual transmission LT230, so no shift interlock problems with the conversion). What's funny is that the dealer simply glued a small hole in the axle housing caused by the exploded differential so the housing was still leaking, which is what caused me to replace the axle housing with a good used unit. Goes to show you that dealer service is not to be trusted.

The truck truly drives better than a factory Range Rover Classic. Two local Rover mechanics have said that the spring/shock combination and steering linkage changes have made it the best riding and steering Range Rover Classic they have ever ridden in. The LT230 and the TrueTrac in the rear also make the truck VERY capable offroad (truck has only been lightly wheeled offroad on the beach a handful of times), but the truck also feels stock driving around town since both modifications are seamless. As a matter of fact, I even drove it and parked it on NYC city streets for some time, and driving comfort was like stock. Interior is also in great shape, no unsightly rips or tears in the seat and the headliner is perfect.

For me, the best part of this truck is that it has no rust whatsoever, and that's why I bought it. No rust underneath, no rust on rear tailgate, and no rust on body. Just look at the frame pictures. The original rear tailgate did not look rusty but there was some rust flakes from between a few seams, so I replaced it with a good used version with no rust. I have also had the truck undercoated to make sure it does not rust in the future.

Of course, the truck is not perfect. Being a NYC truck, it has the usual dings and scratches on the body but nothing major or unsightly. The rear tailgate is also starting to fade as can be seen in the pictures. Truck has 159k miles so it is also not a spring chicken, but it does run well.

I am asking $12,500 or best offer. As I need to make space, I will see how it goes on the forum and will then list on ebay. PM me with your email address if you are interested in more information or more pictures. Truck has clear NY title.


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