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As all my diagnostic wizardry is now being handled by the Nanocom from BBS, I think I need to pass on my MSV2 Extreme to a more adventurous wrencher ;-)

Currently has the LR3 module installed - you will need to contact BBS to enquire about the adoption fee and any change of vehicle if you don't have an LR3 in mind. When I adopted it, the fee was about $60.

Comes with the usual serial cable - if you have a newer laptop with USB only then check out on BBS site which USB/serial adaptors are the most compatible.

I had a Bluetooth->Serial dongle which worked fine with my laptop configuration and I will include that (not the laptop!) for free.

Shipping Priority Mail in CON48 is free.

$650 - PayPal to a confirmed address is okay.

If you need photos of the actual unit, PM me otherwise BBS web site has plenty.

Get it before I talk myself into keeping it...
-- Stuart
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