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Hi All,

I've sold my MKIII Range Rover a few years back and while cleaning out my garage I found a handful of maintenance items that you guys may be interested in. I used to do all my own maintenance so that is the reason why have these. All fluids/parts are strictly OEM and are unused, unopened, and the drain plugs are not even broken out of their original packaging.

I'm looking for local deals only in cash and I'm hoping there is another person like me out there that does their own maintenance to take all these goodies off my hands!

Located in Orange County, CA.

You can Reach me at [email protected] for fastest response.

Part / List that I paid (still have the Receipt) / What I'd like for it

1) Oil Filter - $24.96 / $15

2) Drain Plugs - $8.52 / $5 each (Quantity : 2)

3) Brake Fluid (CASTROL) - $5.80 / Honestly.. i'll toss this in for free

4) ATF Fluid - $31.95 / $22 each (Quatity : 3)

5) Coolant - $27.96 / $20


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