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Hi All,

Unfortunately, after gauging interest from folks and making the hard decision myself, I have decided to part out my P38. The vehicle is in generally great condition, with a few minor things here and there.

Some information on the vehicle and what's available:
- Year: 2000, HSE trim
- Exterior Colour: Blenheim Silver (sp?) with some minor scratches
- Interior Colour: Black
- Interior in great condition with exception of headliner
- Mileage: 256,000km (~159,000mi)
- Brand new alternator
- New starter motor
- Recently-rebuilt transmission
- OME coil conversion with ~1.5" spacers
- Brand new ball joints
- Great Basin Rovers 4.10 gears with Detroit Tru Tracs (front & rear)
- Great Basin Rovers double cardan front drive shaft
- Motor needs new seals/gaskets
- Headliner beginning to sag at rear
- Custom front winch bumper with Hella Optilux fogs
- Custom rear bumper with swing-out spare tire
- Custom sliders with minor out-riggers
- Custom diff-guards (front & rear)
- Custom transfer case skid-plate
- Custom fuel-tank skid-plate
- 265/75/16 BFG AT's
- 5 matching wheels
- Brand new OEM lugnuts
- Rear taillight guards (not pictured)
- OEM front drive shaft also available
- I also have some Atlantic British paint pens that I bought and didn't use for the exterior if anybody wants me to throw those in

If any of you guys would like something, either reply here or PM me and we will work from there. I will update this thread as things progress.
In the previous thread, a few of you had already inquired about various items on the vehicle. I will still be in touch with all of you via PM about your specific parts.

As for shipping, I am completely open to ship wherever. I don't have all that much experience shipping, so if anybody has anything to bring to the table in that regard to make it easier, that would be very welcome! I'll do what I can on my end, provided I don't have to rent a forklift to get the part(s) from my place to the shipping depot haha!

I have included a couple pictures of the vehicle here. I can post additional pictures if anybody would like.

Let me know what everybody wants. Everything is available, provided I have the resources and/or ability to strip it from the vehicle. I am going to start taking this thing apart this weekend, and it will be available for approx. 1 month before I send what's left off to the salvage yard.


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