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Hi everyone:
As a very avid old car fan and restorer,I come accross some offers from time to time like this one.Here's my story:
I was offered for sale a rare non-LR car,but due to the fact that I don't have time,funds at this moment or space to store it,and that the car is a rare one with great potential,I thought of passing this offer to another member around here,(with the permission of Serg,of course).The car is a 1967 Toyota Crown Deluxe 4-door.Apparently the car stood unused for quite a while.It still has the original light blue paint,which is worn-off down to the primer in some areas,so the car has some surface rust,particularly in the top,hood,and the "edgy" areas along the body.This is NOT the typical little 4-banger old Toyota.It is a mid-sized sedan about the size of a FWD Buick,maybe a bit more.It has a straight 6 engine(original and still runs,but needs to be tuned.).The interior is a bit mushy,but original and complete,not-butchered,and very presentable.The car has all its badges,trim and even the original hubcaps.It has a clear title and the owner is asking ONLY $150 for it,but shipping to my state would be around $500,so that's why I'm still thinking about it.He just wants it gone from his driveway,and he's even thinking of pulling some parts and sending it to the demo-derby.That's why I also recurred to this forum,as I think it would be a waste to see such a rare car go to the derby.I know this is a car that you don't see everyday,particularly such an old Toyota in this particular model.The owner name is Matt,his e-mail is [email protected]
in case someone wants to adopt this baby.His phone number is (608)712-5766.I forgot to tell you,the car is on the east coast/mid-states area,and he does have pictures of the car from all angles,interior and engine.
P.S. If you think you can ship it to me for less than $500 let me know!!! :)
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