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GentrysRover said:
Hey all,

My 95 Disco decided to act up in a big way the other day Fixed all of it but my fuel gauge reads full maxed out and there s only 1/2 tank in it any ideas?

Let me know
I would pull the carpet out of the loadspace and read the voltage off the float sensor. It should be mounted with the fuel pump on the top of the gas tank.

Look here for an idea:

Hit the Haynes or your workshop manual for the details.

If the read voltage is on-spec, then something happened with the gas gauge. Sometimes overvoltage causes the meter movement to crash and either jam or fall out of its movement. It is a pain.

I dunna if it is a voltmeter or an ammeter (reads current) but if it continues to act up, either get a new one with a new instrument panel ($200 :confused )or drop in a new analogue or digital replacement gas meter from a racing shop.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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