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hi all.
1. i have recently purchased a fuel injection fault display from e bay usa to suit a 14 cux fuel system in my 97 disco . The info i have via a britsh v8 site Rover 14CUX Hot Wire Mass Flow EFI: Service and Troubleshooting about the 14cux system with this display , to clear the faults on the display the cap on the serial mating connector for test book has to be removed then reconnected, and my is missing , so i either need another way of clearing the fault code or info for the layout of the cap for the mating connector so i can make one up .

2. also i have followed some info from steve heath engineering site about wiring one these displays in and i think i have wired in into a power supply ( key on feed) that cuts out before it can save any codes , perhaps the unit should have constant power ? any one know? it did flash code 20 when i first plugged it in then nothing else? rover fault free ..... don't think so. any advice?

west coast, nz
97 disco
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