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MtlRover said:
Range Rover Classic LWB 1995.
I went to gas up and when I pushed the Fuel latch button nothing happened, I thought now what?? I could not force it open manually, finally after pushing the button various times it opened. What a stress, any ideas on how to prevent this in the future? I wish the latch was just a simple manual one.
By the way, I tried opening it with the engine on and with it off. It opened with the engine off, but only after numerous attempts. Is it supposed to work only with the engine off?? Thank you in advance
By the way, Great site!
Also I'm new to these vehicles, I'm a little worried..
If you want a manual latch just break off the peg the moves up and down to open the latch. Take off the cover on the inside of the vehicle and you'll see what I mean.
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