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As I was putting the car cover over the D2 on the night I was flying out of PR,
I discovered that fuel was leaking from above the gas tank or somewhere around there. Wondering if it's from a cracked hose or the fuel pump. I did smell fuel before, but did not see any signs of it leaking till now. Has someone had this same issue and can tell me how they solved it.
Here are some pictures. Pic 1 is from the L side of the gas tank and the other from the right side. My buddy who is a LR mechanic saw the pics and said it looks like the plastic hose is cracked and leaking, but then why is it also dripping on the L side? Can the leak spray that far? I did not get a chance to check it better since I was leaving that same night. I want to tackle this when I return there.
Thanks for the help,


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