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Funny stuff

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I'm sure we all have some humour to share!
Thought I would try to start a thread with some fun stories
Here is one example.
I have been working with my 2000 disco and trying to get my family involved and interested in some car stuff. I'm a mechanic but my boys 11 and 7 show only sporadic interest. I recently bought another disco - a 2001 for cheap as a parts truck.
As part of this and part of some recent repairs, I removed the muffler which is only about 5 months old because of an annoying rattle. My left catalytic recently packed it in and I suspected blew chunks into the new muffler. The cat was changed about a week ago.
I removed that muffler and as I suspected it had chunks of the old catalytic rattling around inside. My wife came out to try and determine why I was standing in the driveway shaking the muffler violently ( trying to shave the chunks out). I was able to get some out but it still rattled. My wife had many suggestions and inquired as to whether there may be some type of " muffler cleaning fluid" that we could just pour in ( like drain cleaner I guess) I explained to her that there was no such thing.
She pondered for a moment and then turned and walked into the garage and returned moments later with my leaf blower in her hands.
" why don't you just blow it out" she said.
As crazy as it sounded I decided to give it a try, mostly to appease her.
So with the muffler balanced on top of the garbage can we proceeded to "blow the muffler clean" seemed funny as hell and must have looked quite ridiculous ..... But it worked. After blowing and rotating the muffler for a couple minutes all the chunks were out ... No more rattle and no more exhaust restriction.
Thanks to my wife who admittedly knows nothing about cars and doesn't even drive:drive::drive:
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Sometimes you just need someone to think outside the box!
Thanks for sharing, it was a fun read. Need more posts like this around here, it's been getting a bit stiff as of late.
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