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FYI helicoil usage

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While torquing down my heads on the final step, 80 ft/lbs, I stripped a stud. Only thing I can figure is the treads were weak from a previous incident, but I can't be certain since I acquired the broke down D2 from someone else. Only options were helicoil or t-sert. Acquired a 2d 7/16-14 helicoil from the local fastenal and installed. Got the new head gasket from lucky8 today and torqued her down. 80 ft/ lbs was no problem! Praise Jesus! Anyone who might run into this problem using studs, rest assure, the helicoil will hold.

For all you who might care, I meticulously followed the installation instructions for the studs, just had some bad happens. Called the machine shop and they even remembered chasing the threads and didn't find anything unusual.

Thought I might share this info with u guys. The 2d helicoil is not the standard size sold at most auto part stores. It is longer to accommodate the threads on the stud. Wouldn't use anything shorter than 2d.:buttrock:
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