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We recently purchased our 2004 Discovery S model G4 edition.
currently it has 82k original miles on it, and we are the second owner.

It still had the original window sticker in the glove box when we purchased it and it shows in the list of options that it included the

G4 Limited Edition Package
G4 Exterior Graphics kit and decal badge.
G4 tire cover
Body colored bumpers
"A" frame brush bar
Driving lamp kit including light covers
Lockable roof rail crossbars
Class III tow hitch receiver
"Foundry" finish fascia inserts
Rear access ladder
Rear lamp guards

Package $3,500.00

The only difference is that at some point the original owner added a genuine
Land Rover D2 Safari Roof Rack, which Im cool with. Also the spare tire cover was missing (by the way if anyone knows where I can get a G4 tire cover, let me know.)

The Rover sold new to original owner at Gwinnett Land Rover in Duluth, GA.
List price was $40,495 with a dealer incentive discount of $2,700.00 and a Land Rover Factory rebate of $5,500.00

Total Value Price $32,295.00

With all that said,
We got it at a fair deal knowing it needed some repairs. At this point we have invested around $1900.00 in repairs and parts to try and get it back to its original condition as we can.

I do realize it's a G4 Edition and not an original Challenge Vehicle, but we are wondering If there is any added value or interest above the published KBB suggested value in todays market? We would like to ensure it for enough to replace it if anything were to happen.

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whats that old saying? "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" if there was a G4 and a norm D2 sitting next to each other, same price same condition and the D2 had a rack, id pick the D2 given the colour of those G4s is hideous.

I cannot really see any extra value unless you find some Disco fanatic that has to have it.

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I would agree that the G4 is although special looking, it is really not anything crazy special.
Sounds like you really like it and that's what really counts!
As for insurance valuation, it is a 12-13 year old vehicle. I would think if you value it at $7,000 they will want an expert appraisal which will also give you some documentation in the event that the truck ever became a loss.

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My opinion isn't quantifiable, but from keeping an eye on D2 values over the past 10 years, I would say that G4's bring a little bit more money for the "same" truck. Probably because those of us that love that orange, really love that orange. There are fewer of them, so if a buyer finds a good G4, they are likely to pay a little extra to secure that special edition. Congrats on getting one, sounds like a great one too!
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