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Hello guys :wave:

I just bought a 1994 discovery an I noticed that it don't have eng.oil pressure gage and voltmeter, it only have warning lights. Being a military helicopter pilot I like to see gages. Does anyone have installed eng oil press gage and voltmeter to the discovery and tell me how to do it, if I can use the existing wiring or do I have to make any modification and where is the best place for installing the gages or any suggestion for such modification.

thank you in advance

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Hello Boriqua from New York

Hi there from Adam, owner of a recent bought 1996 Disco 1.:wave:

Put the gauges in separately and don't mess with the factory wiring unless you want those Lucas gremlins coming for you. I would also suggest a real oil thermometer for inclusion. If you can find those instruments in the local speed shop or on the internet see if you can find the kit to put those gauges on the A pillar.
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