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The following items are for sale and will ship from Jacksonville, FL. Please email or call me if you are interested, thank you. Prices on some things are negotiable.


Green Disco I Hood $250.00
2003 LT-230SE w/ Diff Lock [Low Miles] $300.00
Genuine Distributor Assembly $250.00
New Style w/ Remote Ign. Amp.
2002 LT-230SE w/ Diff Lock [Med. Miles] $275.00
D-Side Front Disco I Window $35.00
P-Side Front Disco I Window $35.00
D-Side Mid Disco I Window $35.00
P-Side Mid Disco I Window $35.00
Disco I Rear Door Glass $85.00
Disco I Rear P-Side Window $45.00
Disco I Rear D-Side Window $45.00
Disco I Airbag System [Complete] $495.00
RRC / Disco I Front Cones $25.00
Disco I Front Sunroof Complete $150.00
Disco I Rear Sunroof Complete $150.00
Colored Rover Relays [Green, Yellow, Black] $1.00
100' 3/8" Warn Steel Winch Cable [New] $35.00
D-Side Mid RRC Window [Tinted] $35.00
P-Side Mid RRC Window [Tinted] $35.00
D-Side Rear Side RRC Window [Tinted] $45.00
P-Side Rear Side RRC Window [Tinted] $45.00
Green Disco I Roof [No Damage] $200.00
P-Side Disco I Front Window Frame [Top] $25.00
D-Side Disco I Front Window Frame [Top] $25.00
Stock 24 Spline Drive Flange Set $25.00
Window Motors $15.00
Door Lock Actuators $25.00
Disco I Dash Switches $2.00
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