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Gas smell

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There's been a pretty noticeable gas smell in my garage coming (i think) from my 2004 DII.

I suspect a leaking fuel pump.

Is there any way to check it without tearing the cargo area interior apart (I do have 3rd row seats).
Perhaps simply dropping the gas tank from underneath???

Just an idea. But you tell me.

And, as always, thanks for your input.

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If it is the pump, dropping the tank is a whole lot more work than going in from the top. The seats and carpet do come out pretty easily, but if you really don't want to mess for it just make a clean cut in the carpet and sound deadening above the pump.

Is the car throwing any codes?

That said, I don't think it's your pump. The only parts of the pump that could cause it to leak externally are the connects at the top, and they're above the fuel level, so the should only leak when the car is running and the pump operating. Is that the case?

What's more likely is that some part of the EVAP system is damaged and is allowing fuel vapors to escape. There is a series of hard vapor lines running up the passenger side of the frame between the tank and engine and sometimes they start to rub on the engine or trans and over time wear a hole into themselves. I personally had this happen in 3 different locations.

Pull the line at the purge solenoid, grab a cigar, puff away, and start to blow smoke through the lines and have someone look under the car for any rogue smoke. There shouldn't be any. If there is, trace it down, fix the leak, and no more fuel smell.
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No codes.

I spent some time inspecting underneath and the gas smell is unmistakably coming from the top of the fuel tank.

From underneath, passenger side, I can barely peek and see over the top of the fuel tank and see the corner top of the part of the fuel pump that sticks up out of the tank.
the top of the tank and the portion of the pump that I can see both appear to be wet. Not soaking wet, but way too clean and clearly having had moisture on them recently.

When I run the truck and stick my nose up "in there", no denying the odor.

Does this lean you over to the fuel pump diagnosis, a bit more?

That said, does anyone have a LRT-19-009 laying around in the Phoenix, AZ area, or know where I can pick one up -lcally is preferrable.
Yeah you got me - it's probably the pump. The smell you notice in the garage is likely residual.

You don't need that tool. The lock ring can be removed with a hammer and screwdriver if you're careful enough.

If you don't trust yourself, AutoZone rents the part for free:

By "free" I mean they make you pay for it up front and give you all the money back if you return it within 90 days.
Well another day coming to a close at Landrover Sobieski.

I decided to make a clean carpet cut, rather than de-interior the cargo area.

The fuel pump had the suspected hair-line crack and was seeping a good bit of gas - no wonder the garage reeked of it.

Anyway... Sourced the pump. Paid way too much for it so I could have it today.

Also learned a bunch of stuff:
Don't need that special tool (LRT-19-009).
Clean carpet cut looks fine - almost unnoticeable.
Gas fumes give me a buZz.
And - I can't remember.
Oh yeah, put the sealing ring around the top of the fuel pump - then drop it in; and prime the fuel system.

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Glad you found the problem. There was, I believe, a recall on the fuel and return lines on the Disco 2. I would recommend that you go to a dealer and have him check the system to 1.) see if there was a recall on your model, and 2.) find out if it was done. These fuel lines would chafe on stuff and eventually wear out, you have to drop the tank to get at them to replace them, so it is worth it to see if yours is a candidate. As far as I know, there is no time limit on recalls, you can take a car in any time regardless of age if the work has not been done. While you are at it, you can also check out the rest of any outstanding recalls if you want!!
My pump cracked also, its a common 400$ problem.
I searched for recalls and found nothing related to fuel pump or line. Does anyone have any further details or link?
After a decade and a half, I'm guessing it would be buried in the noise. I wouldn't be surprised if the dealer had never heard of it either since the average service writer was in middle school when the truck was discontinued.

These are the guys that know- Enter your VIN and it will tell you.
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