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Gas Tank Recall

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Just a thank you to Land Rover Colorado Springs, new gas tank fitted, $20.00 worth of gas, free... And a trip to and from work in a new LR3... Nice vehicle, but will stick with my Disco 1 with 183K miles on it.
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wonderful service

Just picked up my disco from LR Chattanooga (for the gas tank recall)... man these guys are awesome!! This is the first time I've taken my baby to their shop as I do a lot of service myself. When I drove it in ... dirty from mud and pollen flying around, not to mention bird doodoo. When I picked it up ... Clean! They spit shined it inside and out! Not only did they do all that, but they replaced my antenna that was cracked and gave me a spare tire cover FREE OF CHARGE!!! Now I know where I'm taking my disco if I need any major service (but hopefully not anytime soon!!!). :drink1:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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