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Hey everyone,

I am selling a GBR 4.75 ring & pinion w/ a spare pinion gear for $350.00. I just purchased these from Greg Davis a few weeks ago. As some of you may know Greg is a stand up guy and he had 2-3 runs on them before I bought them, they are perfect. He sold them to me because he is doing a DANA 60 swap and I purchased them for use in our Outback Challenge Discovery because they were such a good price. After doing some more research we have decided that 4.75 is not the right ratio and we need to be closer to 4.10. I would be willing to trade these for a 4.10 set or as I said sell them for $350.00. I just bought them for that price and would like to get that out them.

Please email me direct if possible - [email protected]

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