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If you vehicle is a 1974 is will be a 109 not a 110 but not to worry.
I think ashcrofts do a conversion to fit the sdi box to a 4spd transfer box,but if I where you I would look for a landrover LT77 5 spd box complete with transfer box as the lt77 is the very same box as the car but different ratio.You can pick a good un up for 2-300 quid and it will drop straight in with no messing about only the clutch plate will need to be swapped.Feel free to contact me for further advice.
Cheers ONz

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landyman140 said:
i dont know personally, but can recommend ashcrofts as a few friends have used them and had very good service from them.....

following on from my thread (gearbox problems) i could be needing them soon as well...


rob. you have a link to Ashcrofts,ive heard they are good,are they uk based....if so can you give me a link to a spain outlet here?
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