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Just a few questions that I have been thinking about since I got my new D2.
My old D1 was a 5 speed.

Where do you keep the shifter in regular off road driving?

When do you use the Low Only when you are crawling and or stuck, I have never really used it, even on my two older ones.

Reverse is weak on this new tuck in the mud no?

Any issues on the Air Bags deploying on hard hits to the front end?

I kjnow some of these seem dumb but my old Disco was a beast and i never had an auto.


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When you are pushing it on hard climbs, in rocks,sand and mud, run low range. The main reason is you will get much less wear on the tranny, and it is easier on your brakes.
What year DII did you get?
Mike J.
99 DII
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