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General Tech Questions - Tires & Rear Air Suspension to Coils

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I'm buying a set of treadwrights within this month. Im going with the 265/75 Guard Dogs, I don't know what load rating to buy, D or E ? Is there any huge difference? Ride? Noise? Thicker sidewall? etc? will buying a heavier load rating be better for desert wheeling w/ rocks and etc?

Second Question, I have rear air and the ACE system in my truck, should I switch to coils? I have no issues with my airbags, so that has nothing to do with it. Do coils have any benefit to wheeling that outweigh the rear lift so I don't kill my bumper? I only use the rear lift on stuff that my bumper will hit, and I cant get anymore articulation b/c of the ACE.

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Personally, I would keep the bags in the back. The air suspension is something that sets rovers apart and I think is a great option. I wish my truck had them. I had a 94 rangie a number of years ago with air springs. The ride was unbelievable.
I'm keeping them, I just wasn't sure if the they swayed a lot or were to "loose" if that makes sense, more body sway, less downward force when articulating so less power to ground. I'm probably over analyzing that....
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