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Hi there,

Does anyone know whether the Golden Overland expedition is taking place? It's the one where 2 Series 1's are travelling form London to Singapore. The expedition commemorates the 50th anniversary of the First Overland expedition in 1955 from London to Singapore. There was mention of it in a land rover mag, but since then the website has been taken offline and am afraid the project may be dead.

I helping to organise some festivities here in Singapore, including possibly publishing a book, so any info, pics, documents, leads or tips would be much appreciated.

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I found this for you. After reading the post it doesn't look like it got off the ground.

From: Graeme Aldous
Subject: Re: SER1 Golden Overland
Date: 07:00 on 05 Oct 2004

As the person who prepared the promo video for Golden Overland, if anyone on
this list knows of the present situation it SHOULD be me.... but I know

After the split of the two principal movers and shakers of the team, I was
assured by one faction that my interest and involvement would still be
welcomed. Since then I've heard absolutely nothing (and not even an apology
for the time and money I spent attending the Eastnor Rally on their behalf
when no-one else turned up!). The other main participant contacted me more
recently regarding a vague possible alternative celebratory expedition, but
I've not heard anything for quite a few weeks, nor have I received any
response to emails on a related topic. So, as far as I can guess, the whole
(crazy, ambitious) idea is now dead in the water.

The website was still operational 3 or 4 weeks ago, but totally out of date,
having been last updated in February this year! I'm not surprised to hear
from Jeremy that the plug has been pulled on it at last.

I'm very sorry - it was a great idea, but I guess reality kicked in
(mercifully before it was too late).


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