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No, I dont live on Spaceball 1. Im not enough of an ***hole. Thats just what named my Disco (Spaceball 1, not ***hole). The name originated when the brakes failed. I remembered the bumpersticker on the back of Spaceball 1 that said "We Brake For Nobody" and decided that was also true of me at the time and the rest is history.

Here is my 96 Discovery:

I picked it up a little while ago and have been driving it as a second car until recently due to the aforementioned brake failure. Its all stock with road tires but that hasnt stopped me from doing some mild off roading in it. Mods will come if Im not forced to sell it. The college student budget is becoming a little tighter than expected.

I had a hilarious surprise the other day when I went out to work on it. I saw a bulge on the passenger side front fender so I poked it. It jiggled. So I slapped it. Water went everywhere. Evidently in the most recent rain water had seeped between the clear coat and the paint and collected in a nice pocket there. I have never heard of that before.
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