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I think we got too deep, I bet lowbudg is just looking for a head unit swap with an off the shelf amp tied to factory speaks (hopefully the Harmon Kardon - better than phillips stock POS) I ran the HK speaks untill I blew a couple then, I replaced them, not bad for factory. At least they are three way seperates...

It's nice to chat sound. It seems like it's the last mod on some peoples list, it was first on mine. The stock radio is a POS and very dissapointing for the level of vehical and original sticker price....
The audio was the first on my list too, although I've still got to finish some bits of it. IMO, the HK speakers were pretty rubbish. I tried hooking the HK tweeters up in my e39 BMW to see what it could do with good signal to it, but it didn't sound good to me.

If you want to have a quick look at my P38 Rangie system, some pics in here:
HSE pictures by rpandkp - Photobucket
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