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I was turned on to the wonders of Micro Fiber towels on a BMW site I frequent: Anyhow, they are really great to dry your car with and to apply wax/polish/etc...

I found a great source for them that is cheap! I have absolutely NO connection with this company. I just use their products and I like the price and quality. I asked the owner, Tom, to email me a new price list.. here it is.. if you have any questions about his products, email him. He has always provided me with good advice and service.


I have been selling microfiber towels for over 6 years with many satisfied
customers. As I am the direct importer, I can offer everyday wholesale
prices directly to the retail end user. The most popular towels for auto
detailing use are the "micro-touch" and waffleweave super absorbent drying
towels. The "ultrafine" towels are slightly thicker than the "micro-touch"
towels and some are slightly thicker/plusher. All of my microfiber towels

My latest price list is as follows. Please let me know which items and qty
you are interested in purchasing and I will respond with the total including

"Micro-touch" tagged 70/30 for auto detailing, removing wax, etc.,
16x16 inch soft,plush terry towel 2.00 dk green, blue, mint green have
PEEL-OFF sticker tag.
NOTE: If removing peel-off sticker tag, I recommend removing with small
pair of tweezers and then very carefully peel off the tag very slowly.

24x24 inch soft, plush terry towel 4.00 blue, mint green (these have
24x46 inch soft,plush terry towel 7.00 blue, mint green, dk green

"Ultrafine" tagged 70/30 , for auto detailing, removing wax, etc.
15x15 inch soft,plush terry, slightly thicker 2.00 purple, navy blue,
gray, green, burgundy. NOTE: For some darker colored towels, I recommend
rinsing / washing a few times before first use because the color may tend to
temporarily bleed. The color bleeding stops after the first few washes.

24x46 inch soft,plush terry, slightly thicker 7.00 blue, purple

"Waffle-Weave" Super Absorbent Drying Microfiber Towels 80/20
16x24 inch waffleweave 4.00 gold
16x36 inch waffleweave 7.00 blue, gold
24x46 inch waffleweave 12.00 gold
28x54 inch waffleweave 16.00 purple
35x60 inch waffleweave 19.00 light blue

Microfiber Foam Applicator pads 4x6x1 inch 2.00 blue
Microfiber Cuffed Mitt 7x9 inch 4.50 blue

Prices do not include shipping and depends on your order size. I accept
PayPal email: [email protected] , VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, money
orders. California residents please add 7.875% sales tax. Please provide
me with your ZIP CODE to figure shipping charges.

I ship ASAP upon payment receipt.

Thank you,
Tom Gong
JT International
524 E. Sherwood Ct.
Hanford, CA 93230
Toll Free: 888-989-4584 voice msg.
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