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Hey guys and gals,

Just want to introduce Brian to you all. He is based out of Reno, Nevada (USA, but he ships all over the world!) He dismantles Range Rovers. At this point he is strictly doing Range Rovers. He also makes new mud flaps (I will have a full write up on this next week) and shift indicators for Range Rovers.

You can contact him on his email at: [email protected] Or you can see his Ebay auctions at:

Sideye Ebay Auctions

He has some great products and I can tell you that his mud flaps are top notch, and at ONLY $35 for a set of 4 it is an unbelievable bargain. Most places charge $27.95 for EACH mud flap for RR Classics! Here is a link to an old mud lap auction he had... he always has them in stock, so you can email him and ask. Please mention you heard about him here.

Mud flaps for Range Rover Classic

Brian and I have done some business in the past and I can vouch for his credibility 100%.

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