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We had been planning a trip into the Lakes since before Xmas so even with the bad weather we decided to give it a go. It wasn't ideal filming weather and I had to throw quite a lot of footage away.

It was interesting because of the mix of vehicles. All Land Rovers but with my newer TDCi 110, a 300TDi 90 and then a nice D3, it made for some interesting comparisons.

The D3 was running road tyres and other than having to take a careful line through the rocks and its electronics scrabbling for traction here and there, it coped admirably!

Just as an aside, a few people (quite a lot really) have said my films get spoilt by the cheesy license free music I use (Porn Styley even). So I had a go at creating my own for this film. Any opinions from people who have seen my earlier stuff would be appreciated?

Green Laning in Land Rovers - Lake District - Main Lane is High Nibthwaite -- Parkamoor (Colton) - YouTube
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