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Greetings from a Newbie!

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Just a newbie saying hi :wave: Certainly not the best looking Rovers around, just some proud owners. :rellye

Hers...I mean the wife's is an ex-G4 Challenge '02 FL w/ some mods taken out by dealership prior to sale....Reason: most of them were prototypes at that time they were installed for the competition and/or were not legal in the State of CA, so LR didn't want any liability issues. :dunno:

The Fl excited on its first outing. Well not really the first for her, but first time since we got her.

Thanks big brother for letting me play with you guys.

His....ehhhr rather mine, a completely stock '02 Discovery II. No mods here except for the SD rack. Not yet anyway :eek:

What happens in Vegas...doesn't always stay in Vegas ;)

Anyhow. Thanks for having me here.
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Thank you sir. Wish I had the $, I would rather have your XD. :)

Mr. Serg,

Which reminds me...since you mention in your link that you're out to get another RR LWB Classic, we recently had two or maybe three of them posted for sale on our club's board. You might want to check them out.
Something is up with the cardomain site. None of the pictures I posted are showing and so are any other cars on the site. :dunno:

Seems to be working now. :clap:
Unfortunately I don't remember if I do. But I'll try to find one either my files or from others that went on this trip. Wait a sec, I don't remember any other Alveston Red Disco I other than Ms. Tina Niksic's of Trek Outfitters. You might want to try their site Trek Outfitters

Here's one.
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Check the thread again Mr. Hailsharky. I just found a pic of the Disco you wanted to see. ;)
That Disco is a rolling advert to what their shop can do to your rig. It looks really awesome in person.
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