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Good morning from England

Andy (Shiny) told me about this forum earlier this evening, so I thought I'd follow his lead.

I'm also in Yorkshire, but a few miles away from Andy. (lots of Yorkshire photos on my 'WebShots')

I drive a 1998 Discovery, a 300Tdi engined 50th Anniversary model that's painted in a nice deep shade of green.
However, I'm not interested in polishing it like Andy though

We also have a couple of other vehicles, a 'BWSOW' and a 'ToyLander 2', which is to be seen at;

I'm shortly 39, married to Joanne with 1 daughter & 2 Border Collie dogs.

It looks like it could be an interesting site, I look forward to a proper look-around

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Hi Sam, sorry I'm not boasting (neither is Andy, I don't think) it's just that a Tdi is the more common engine over here.

A lot if us over here would love a 4.0litre V8, I still miss my old 90 County Station Wagon that was a factory fitted V8.
With UK fuel prices it's a far better bet for every day useage

For example;
I topped it up this morning

At 83.9p/litre (UK £0.83.9)
It works out to £3.81 per gallon (a UK gallon is 8 Imperial Pints, USA is 6pints)
That's US $6.85 gallon!!!!

And Canadian $8.60!!!!!!!!

Now who ought to be complaining about excessive fuel prices, not you, nor your neighbours south of Lake Ontario

Hi 'Dave90', glad to hear from you. You can never have enough Yorkshire folk around.
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