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hi Guys, LR3 owner for 8 years now, love it, taking care of it, saved my family few my Tank...
123k on it, all is done according to manual, keeping it in tip top shape, about 3 days ago noticed a grinding noise when she starts. Noise last for about 3 sec and then its resumes normal operation, no codes, nothing, performs fine, when you restart it after 10 min its no problems, but when you wait and will start it in about 30 min, it makes same grinding noise...
I work on my truck my self, so, before I start to go deep, decided to give it a haul to the best and brightest...:)
I assume its starter bendix, gear (roller) getting stuck and not retract in time. Starter was changed about 4 month ago. It sounds like a starter...

thank you. A.

ok, not the starter, sound coming out of the Driver side upper part of the engine, clear metal on metal knocking sound for about 1-2 seconds when starting the engine. If I park for a few minutes to get gas, and I start then its no problems, knocking sound only if engine is off for 5-10 min, but, problem is, today in the morning, I had no issues starting it, no knocking at all, but during the day driving is back...
I just added a Lucas oil stabilizer will see in the morning.
Dealer said it could be VVT or oil filter collapsed, but just changed oil and it does it still...

sound like lifters but much louder... upper driver side of the motor...

any ideas?

Thank you. A

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That's a strange one. Sounds are so tricky to diagnose.

How often have you been changing the oil, if you are here, you probably stay on top of it.

Is it consistently tic tic tic, like a lifter or perhaps a belt tensioned or something else.

Which engine is it?
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