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Just wanted to let everyone know I am doing a Group Buy on Ready Welders for 10% over dealer cost w/ FREE S/H in the US. If you have done any wheeling in remote places and broken something metal on your rig than you know the value of being able to make field repairs. No one offers a solution as user friendly, easy to operate and most important, inexpensive like ReadyWelder. Even at retail this is a must have for anyone traveling off the beaten path, at the discounted rate it's a steal. They have a 2 year warranty and all the parts/supplies are readily available at local welding shops.

The models and prices are as follows: [If you do not want a cold switch take $85.00 off]

RWII-10000CS - $462.00 - The 10000CS is cabled best for battery operation and features a "cold switch." This means when the rigger is release the gun goes cold. This model will also connect to all constant voltage and direct current output machines. The is the model that is most frequently used by off-roaders.

RWII-10000ADP - $478.50 - The 10000ADP is cabled for battery operation as well and also offers a "cold switch" and with the addition of the AC to DC power convertor will also connect to constant current stick machines as well as constant voltage machines.

RWII-10250CS - $517.50 - The 11250CS is cabled similar to the other models as it's primary function is to use it as a spool gun attachement to welding machines which already have a built in ground wire or clamp. This model also offers a "cold switch" and a includes an AC to DC power convertor for welding with constant current stick machines. The 10250 will connect to ALL DC output welders as well as batteries. This model is primarily used by welders want a spool gun attachment to their engines drives,MIG machines and stick machines.

If you are unfamiliar with the models please visit: or contact me direct at [email protected] If you would like to place an order email me or call me direct at 904-260-3373.

Thanks for the space!
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