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Took the body off my 2003 disco and finally got around to making a guide so that people can benefit from my ups and downs. It is a good idea to have access to a car lift to left the whole vehicle to you can easily remove body mounts.
1. Remove the front bumper by 6 bolts. 2 on each frame horn, and then 1 on the inside of the end caps. The bolt in the end cap just has to be loosened, and bumper will slide off. Unplug your fog lights, and the the hose in the front of the washer tank. I didn't and snapped the nozzle off.
2. You will need to unplug vacuum lines and wires in the engine bay. Wires to the fuse box. The air box. Ground lead on the fire wall going into the transmission tunnel. The engine wire harness will come out if the fire wall. You will have to unplug the computer which is behind the glove box on the outside wall. Carefully pull thought the hole in the firewall.
3. Once you have made sure all is clear in the bay, the driver and passenger seat will need to be removed. There are 14 body mounts, 7 on each side. Most will need to be held on top with a wrench. And most will stay in the body. Remove the grill. There are 2 mounts on the very front under foam blocks. 2 mounts on the bottom of the firewall. 2 mounts under the front seats that you access from the inside. 2 from the inside in the cargo area. There are flaps in the carpet on access the bolts. There are 4 mounts that are at the corner of each door. And lastly 2 mounts behind the fuel tank.
5. Disconnect the fuel neck and the vent lines.
6. Remove the rear bumper by two bolts and unplug the lights.
7. Disconnect the transmission linkage and the plug to the xyz sensors and the round black plug. Disconnect the parking brake cord from the lever and pull is from the boot from the bottom side.
8. Make sure everything is clear then lift the body slowly to have room to the transfer case linkage. Disconnect the linkage and disconnect any wire that may still be connected.
I have a SE model discovery, so if you have ACE systems or extra, yours may be a little different. If there are any questions, ask and I'll do my best to answer.

Pictures for some reference
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Thanks for the info and pictures. It's nice to see what everything looks like underneath. Really helps visualize where things are located.
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