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just got my airaid air filter as suggested by Andrew :bgreen: . let me tell u guys that this filter is heavy and very well constructed i just feel bad to put on :D i still have to see how well it'll fit and perform but am very impressed with the quality of this filter.
anyway, back to the post:
am trying to change all the fluids in my 98 RR4.6 with 75,000k and i thought it will be very helpful for all of us if we share our recommendations and experiences about what best to use that will keep our cars in top performance. lets just say that price is not a factor( i learned about that the hard way when i tried to be cheap and save money on gas!!! had to replace the fule pump at 73,000k :bawling: !! now i only use 93 chevron)
am i gonna have a problem if switch to all synthetic fluids? if no then what should we use for: (brands, info,tips...etc)
-what else? :
-any additives(fuel sys cleaners, oil lubricants like lucas?:
i have tried the BG44k and trust me this stuff really works and is much better than the cheveron techron one! when i used it i noticed a clear improvement in the car's performance! the reason i say that is because when the rover was acting up real bad (before we knew it was the fuel pump) once i put the BG44k the car ran like a dream with out any problem for 2 full tanksn :buttrock: !! and then it started to act back! its twice the price of techrone!

guys, lets make this an informative guide for all of us
thanks :drink1:

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I've been using RedLine fluids in all of my trannies/diffs etc for a number of years now. I've got MT-90 in the tranny and the tcase. The swivels and diffs currently have 75-140 in them as the diffs were really noisy at first...who knows what the previous owner did... :rolleyes: My steering box has 80w140 in it...hmm, maybe that's what the swivels have...don't recall.

Coolant? Regular old Prestone with distilled water...don't try that in an aluminum block.

Brake fluid? Castrol LMA.

Engine oil? Shell Rotella 15w40. I don't have a diesel, but this oil has a nice detergent package to help clean out 34 years of who knows what.

As a fuel additive, I currently run Shaeffer's Neutra instead of another lead substitute, yes, I haven't messed with the valve seats. My daily driver vehicle will get an occasional dose of RedLine Si1. I have heard good things about BG44, just no firsthand knowledge here...


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sorry - fuel injector cleaning

My 911 Porsche and 1997 Chevy Tahoe BOTH recommend Chevron TECHRON for fuel injector cleaning in TSB (technical service bulletins). The Chevy has known injector problem which can call for full replacement in California.

This is the ONLY additive I use.

At 171K my 1991 RR injectors are orginal. My Porcshe's injectors were replaced 135K to 140K with three of six failing for comparison.

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Nice info glenncof :clap:
I've been running GTX 20w50, but with winter around the corner in Maine was planning on switching to 5w50 (this is good right :dunno: )
I have 75w140 in the swivels to slow the leak until I fix the seals.
Had the transmission flushed when I had to have the front seal replaced. Runs very smooth now.
Plan to change the diffs and transfer box soon adn hopefully will be able to afford synthetic.
As far as additives, I used a couples bottle of injector cleaner when I first got her and now I just try to buy the best gas I can afford/find. I like the new Shell premium.
Also, used a couple bottles of Lucas PS Stop Leak which worked.
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