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Hi there from Adam in NYC :drive:

Here is my addition of addon accessories. First, a little history.

I love my vehicle as sleepers. A sleeper is a a vehicle that looks stock but just wait until something has to happen. Then they say "how did he do that?". It is a old family tradition, started by my dearly departed uncle Victor.

He was a fleet mechanic but also a outlaw street racer in Puerto Rico. Whenever opportunity presented itself, he would love to do stuff to his Buick Skylark and then his land yacht, a Chevy Caprice. We are talking back some time. Those badges are not sold anymore in the United States anymore.

Anyway, he was a bit popular with the local police whenever he was breaking in something new. It didn't help to put on glasspacked side mufflers in a urban environment. So he went stealth. I learned quick. Hide it and only whip it out when you gotta.

End of history.

My newest addition is a 1996 Discovery 1 with now 95,000 miles on it. Got my airhorn and now gotta do the headlights. Had the Hella FF1000s that came with the Disco but don't you know it, one just had to lose an important part. The stupid clip fell out and there isn't a Hella distributor when you needed it. Replaced those floods with some Hella 500 driving lights.They'are slightly smaller but they kick butt when you are on those dark countryroads. The light pattern is a lot better,especailly for oncoming traffic.

Those factory headlights however, are showing their age. The H4 halogens are shining yellowish and look a little dim. It is the ground straps and the old factory wiring needing some help. Ordered the replacement ARB wiring harness to feed those monsters but thats not what I am writing about.

I want bright lights. Not illegal nor offroad, just something so I don't have to run those driving lights all the time in the urban environment of New York City.

Hmm, H4 voltage boost kit. Cheap enough. Lets try it. One week later,thanks eBay, the kit arrives. I just love broken English instructions (not). Plug and Play, no cutting wiring harnesses and included are replacement H4 bulbs for that HID look.

I tried them with my stock H4s. You know they work when you turn them on. The lights get brighter after a fraction of a second of on. I waited till dark.


I can see every crack in the pavement. Low beam is great, high beam is daylight. If there is something on the road, I can see it. Pity the fool who likes to cut in front of me. Now I have to be nice and give the driver in front some tailroom.

If you use stock H4s, they go white without any yellow. I expect some shorter lifespan but I have plenty of bulbs.

If you want light and don't mind having to go crazy changing lightbulbs, not bad. Just waiting for the weather to warm up. Got a few more projects to knock out on that Disco.

This is a "Buy" if you are on a budget.


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Reading from his post, he got them on Ebay...

Speaking of lights, I have HID's on my '98 M3, and man what a difference those things make..

I also have a pair of Hella Rallye 1000's that I have had since High School.. I will mount those on the second '96 LWB I just picked up, after I yank the bush bar of my other LWB...


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Update on the H4 voltage boost kit

Hi again from Adam in NYC :drive:

Just put the finishing touches on that high current wiring harness into the front with those lights and the voltage boosters.

Okay. Got brighter too. Looks like my piece of daylight on the road now in the nighttime. Nothing like wiring those lights directly to the car battery.

Adam in NYC
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