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This is a short video that is the last in a series of 3 from a recent laning weekend. We had been camping in the Devils Bridge area of Wales and on the return leg, we took in the Happy Valley Lane and the Bearded Lake.

Another first for me and yet again a great experience because of the diversity of the terrain and the fantastic views as we traversed the contours of the valley summit running along the Dovey Estuary.

By this stage in the trip quite a few had dropped by the wayside and it was just 1 Pinzgauer, a 90 and my 110 left to finish the weekend.

Would you believe after the smash on day 1 mine was still going strong but then snapped an almost brand new shock. I’ve got shock droppers on +2 OME shocks and I’m sure they are over compressing.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this.

Green Laning with Lowrangers 4x4 at Happy Valley & Bearded Lake, Wales in Defenders & Pinzgauer - YouTube
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