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So, new issues! Quick update:140k miles, premium always, all stock.

I've been having hard starts in the morning or after she's been sitting for several hours. It's completely intermittent. Some days she's fine, others it takes 10-15 seconds of cranking to get her going. I've also been having some poor throttle response/weird shifting points. Giving her gas, she feels like it's fuel starved similar to what a clogged fuel filter would.

No codes, fuel pressure seems to hold pretty static around 48-51 psi while operating. On start up in the morning, gauge is at 0 until it primes up to ~38psi.

I'm kind of at a loss and just trying to figure out what's wrong before I get stuck somewhere or she just dies.

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The first thing that comes to mind is mass airflow sensor (contaminated /dirty)
May be worth while trying to clean it with an approved airflow sensor cleaning aerosol cleaner.
Would make sense with your described issues
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