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yes, you can!
Just unbolt the top roof, plus the side panels and back door.
Then fit the hood sticks, plus the canvas hood and rear hlf door and you have a soft top.
I have a friend who did it.
Just beware of the legal matter attached to that conversion.
Here in Portugal whe have to present a car project to our DMV, plus a certificate of the dealer who performed the operation (as it is usually a DYI project we have to pay someone to sign us that piece of paper :mad: ).

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yep its dead easy

mine spends most of its time as a hardtop (no windows in the back)

and when the summer comes up (a few days a year) i whip the roof off and the door tops and fold the windscreen down if im brave

have to say i never really bother with the hood and sticks cos i swap so often ... i carry a lot of expensive equipment when im working so the canvas aint secure ebough.. and the windscrren rail and door top rails would make the process take a while longer

takes me 45 mins to get it off and 60 mins to get it back on i rigged up a little frame so i can lift it on and off by myself its a 2 man lift for the roof otherwise

i had a truck cab on for a while but i never got a new one when i smashed it all on a tree limb :complain:

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