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Hi all
I have a 110, td5 year 2000 defender, a few months ago i had a leak from the back of the front wheel (axle shaft maybe) anyway I stupidly didnt get it fixed, suddenly I lost all drive. I thought I had to get it towed away to the garage then realised that by engaging the diff lock I could move the vehicle, presumably by using the rear drive. I drove 25km to the garage (I know I shudnt have done this) anyway, they took it apart then told me that the front right half shaft had snapped plus various bearings had gone in the transfer box...I didnt know whether originally only the half shaft had snapped and by driving it in diff lock for half an hour I had damaged it more. Anyway they did the work, cost me a fortune because they had to take the transfer box apart and re-do the damaged bearing, the parts were actually really cheap but all the hours were expensive.
So landy was back on the road, ive only driven about 300km since they fixed it. I live very high up in the mountains in France and at the minute, conditions are very bad, lots of snow and ice. I was using the Landy as I think I should ie low ratio when going down very steep frozen roads, high ratio for normal use, I put diff lock on when I am at risk of slipping. The other day I changed down to low ratio (whilst stationary), engaged diff lock whilst moving but with low revs and using clutch, next thing i know is that something doesnt sound right, then CLUNK, bad sounding noise and hey presto no drive....I can still move the vehicle using diff lock but Im scared that i may do more damage. It appears to me that a halfshaft is broken again...My question is this (1) what would cause the halfshaft to break again? (2) Is the garage liable if its the same halfshaft? (3) will I further damage the vehicle by driving it in diff lock to the garage. It has turned out to be a nightmare for me as i was slowly doing her up to sell as Ive bought a tdi flat bed now....
Any help or advice appreciated
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