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2003 Land Rover Discovery SE7
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So its been a while since Ive been on the forum. But my D2 has seen better days.

I just did my brake master cylinder, MAF sensor, Power steering pump, Intake gaskets and the injector o-rings.

I was just sent this from my mechanic and Im in panic. He also mentioned a lot of white smoke and fluid coming out of the exhaust, he is making it sound like a head gasket. Can any one shed some light?


"Umm the one im getting at idle is a P0207 i believe which is Cyl. 7 injector fault. Then when I put the engine under a load and rev it up I get a P0300 (multiple/ random misfire), P0302 (cyl. 2 misfire), P0303 (cyl. 3 misfire) and i think a P0307 misfire also on top of that one injector code. And all the misfire codes are both catalyst & emission related misfires.

And like I said earlier what I've found so far lookin into just the codes i think the P0207 injector fault is either bad injector or a wiring/connector issue cause that when took off the intake i saw that side of the engine harness on the fuel rail to the injectors was all roughed up and missing the clips. And I was reading that when cylinders 2 and 3 are misfiring together (like they are) usually ends up being part of the ignition coil is on its way out or bad.

But like I said I got a test for spark, check/read all the spark plugs, check ur fuel pressure, etc and everything and then see what direction things go from there.

Thats with the generic scan data. Heres the manufacturer specific dtcs from Land Rover which i cant find any info about...

So the only code im getting in park has been the P0207 Cyl. 7 injector fault code. Once put in "Drive" or "reverse" under a load is when the rest of the codes pop up and the check engine light will flash on and off. Heavy amounts of white smoke and some type of fluid spitting from tailpipe. Coolant level does not seem to be dropping. Engine puts off a "running rich" type of smell. Replaced all 8 injector o-rings/seals, upper intake manifold gasket, master cylinder, P/S pump, etc. No records of service history. Swapped a few plugs around and cleaned them(front pass side plug very wet, i believe Cyl. No. 2?) No check engine light or codes at idle only after placing load on motor and putting it in drive or reverse did light & dtcs return. Plugs looked old and due for service...possibly bad plugs & ignition coil as well as a bad fuel injector on cylinder no. 7?"

'03 Disco SE
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Can I ask why you had to replace the MAF & injector rings? I haven't actually read about the D2 having too many injector problems. I actually pulled my fuel rail last night and the stock o-rings looked in good shape. I have an '03 with 115,000 miles.

And now for the good news.

I don't think it's a head gasket.

Cylinder 2 is on the passenger's side bank of the engine, closest to the front of the car. Cylinder 7 is on the driver's side bank of the engine, closest to the firewall. Having both HGs fail at the same time is too big of a coincidence.

They also don't share a coil, so that eliminates engine coil problems.

Is your mechanic an LR specialist? I honestly think he may be the cause.

1. Have him check that he installed the spark plug wires in the correct order. Print out the page from the RAVE manual if need be.

2. Make sure he hooked up the right electrical connectors. It's relatively easy to reverse some of the connections which could cause some of the problems you're having. I did exactly this when I replaced my plugs for the first time and experienced some similar issues.

3. Make sure the wire leading to the #7 injector is hooked up and that there are no cracks.

4. Make sure he hooked up the vacuum lines correctly.

5. P0734 is usually an MAF-related code. Did you get an OEM replacement? Maybe the new one is faulty or contaminated.

6. The 134/154 codes are likely unrelated to the issue you're having. You probably just need new sensors.
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